What a difference One Year Makes!

On this night one year ago, May 30, 2018, we were standing in East Austin awaiting the departure of our little bungalow project...readied for her move to HighPointe Estate. We wondered at the time what we were getting ourselves into.

It's been a wonderful journey.

We had a great time watching the amazing team from Brown & Sons House Moving as they slowly navigated tight turns on Lynn St. and Cesar Chavez, then north on Pleasant Valley and Dessau.

However, once they made the turn on to Parmer Lane from Dessau, the little Bungalow sailed to its new home at HighPointe Estate. Sometimes...the house was traveling almost 60 mph north on Parmer, then Ronald Reagan Blvd. to FM 3405.

37 miles in 90 minutes!

Were you watching our live videos that night? If so, tell us how you felt as this project began. And, how about how she looks now!

If you haven't visited HighPointe Estate to see this little gem from East Austin in her new home and her new role as "perfect party and wedding central", please drop by to see us sometime!

SO many have assisted with her transformation....thanks to you all!

Kami Huddleston